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Dirty Work- The Movie

“Don’t seek revenge, let karma do it’s dirty work”

Dan (Devon Doyle) along with his best friend and partner Joe O’Callahan (Warren Coley) work for the criminal organization known as the Syndicate. When the founder of the Syndicate, the Big Boss (John McClung), becomes ill, two of his most loyal lieutenants, Emilio Clery (Devin Schmidt) and Richard O’Callahan (Laurence J. Sargent), will conspire against each other for control of the Syndicate. With the Syndicate falling apart, now more than ever Dan want’s to escape from the mob lifestyle and return to the family he loves. But leaving the lifestyle behind comes at a tremendous cost…

Dirty Work is a feature length film produced by Smith Brothers Productions, a Richmond based team of independent filmmakers. Production for the film lasted from January-May of 2016 and was released on November 11th.

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